A New Mexico Non-Profit Corporation

Established in 1997 to promote improvement in New Mexico higher education through outcomes assessment; to increase communication, cooperation, and sharing of resources and ideas on outcomes assessment in higher education; and to advance the efficiency of outcomes assessment in higher education in the state of New Mexico. 

Current Leadership

President — Todd DeKay (Eastern New Mexico University - Roswell)

President Elect — Michele Bates (New Mexico Military Institute)

Executive Secretary — Leticia Schneider (Eastern New Mexico University)

Conference Director — Todd DeKay (Eastern New Mexico University - Roswell)

Registration/Support — Cristine Watson (Eastern New Mexico University)

Summer Retreat Director — Laura Grant (New Mexico State University) & Shelly Stovall (New Mexico State University)

Approved Meeting Minutes


2023 — Laura Grant (New Mexico State University)
2021 — Kathryn Achen (Doña Ana Community College)
2020 — David Smith (New Mexico State University)
2019 — Joel Dykstra (New Mexico Military Institute)
2018 — Susan Wood (Doña Ana Community College)
2017 — Krista MacDonald (Doña Ana Community College)
2016 — Barbara Taylor (Western New Mexico University)
2015 — Dawn Kenney (Central New Mexico Community College)
2014 — Tom Root (University of New Mexico - Albuquerque)
2013 — Shelly Stovall (New Mexico State University)
2012 — Rich Kestner (New Mexico Military Institute)
2011 — Pat Boyer (University of New Mexico - Los Alamos)
2010 — Bruce Martin (New Mexico State University)
2009 — Barbara Taylor (Western New Mexico University)
2008 — Susan Wood (Doña Ana Community College)
2007 — Kayleigh Carabajal (Central New Mexico Community College)
2006 — Roberta Derlin (New Mexico State University)
2005 — Dann Brown (Eastern New Mexico University)
2004 — Phyllis Mingus-Pepin (Galveston College, TX)
2003 — Pierre Laroche (Doña Ana Community College)
2002 — Richard Rindone (Santa Fe Community College)
2001 — Larry N. Smith (Eastern New Mexico University)
2000 — Richard Gentile (Central New Mexico Community College)
1999 — Fred Lillibridge (Doña Ana Community College)
1998 — Alec Testa (Eastern New Mexico University)
1997 — Lovina Mack (Clovis Community College)

Updated on February 21, 2023.