Poster Session Information



  • Large-format posters should communicate research, study and/or planned or implemented assessment efforts.
  • Poster should be no larger than 36" by 48".
  • Poster should be readable from approximately six feet away, and readers should be able to read the entire text in approximately five minutes (i.e. limit text!).
  • Author names and affiliations should be included on the poster.
  • Generally, posters should:
    •  identify a problem or question
    • indicate how the problem/question was/is being addressed
    • provide information on the results or consequences of the project/research
  • Visually strategic use of photos, diagrams, figures and/or charts help summarized important data/information.
  • A short literature citation or acknowledgement section (e.g. if externally funded) may be included.


  • A surface to mount posters, and mounting supplies will be provided.
  • Posters will be displayed in a public area during the length of the conference.
  • A specific time will be designated for the formal poster session. During the formal session, presenters are expected to be at their poster and ready to discuss their work with conference attendees.