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Conference & Workshop Information and Costs

Pre-Conference Workshops

All pre-conference workshops will take place on February 29 from 8:30am - 11:30am. (Prices range from $50-$75). 

Late fee - A $10 late fee will be added to all registrations that include a pre and/or post conference workshop for registrations submitted beginning Monday, January 29, 2024.


Facilitated by Dr. Kevin Yee

Examining how memory and recall work physiologically shows that certain studying techniques are more effective than others. Yet educators are not merely reliant on students to learn and practice these techniques on their own recognizance. These principles, once understood point to very specific teaching and assessment strategies that are not universally practiced. When it comes to students memorizing information and needing to recall it later, it turns out there IS a "right" way to teach. Participants will leave with a clear understanding how memory and recall work, as well as numerous methods for making targeted changes at the course level (syllabus policies, assignments, lecture/class time, etc.) to improve student recall and thus learning outcomes. 


Facilitated by Erica Surova, Amaris Wisener, & Maryam Sharifi

Understanding data from an equity perspective improves our ability to recruit and retain a diverse student population that reflects our community. Data reveals underlying conditions that elevate and necessitate thinking differently about strategies to enhance student success. In this interactive workshop, participants will explore data related to our student population in New Mexico before and as they enter higher education. Participants will examine the macro-narratives (what is happening in the big picture) and the micro-narratives (the stories behind the data). Participants will share strategies and solutions that might help students enroll and succeed in college, leading to retention and degree completion. 


Facilitated by Samantha Redford

Attendees will have the opportunity to communicate with both NMPED and NMHED representatives regarding the future direction of dual credit in the state of New Mexico. This is an opportunity for secondary, post-secondary, counselors, administrators, academic advisors, program coordinators, faculty and all other constituents working with the dual credit population to meet and discuss best practices for dual credit programs.

2024 NMHEAR Conference


The 2024 NMHEAR Conference includes all sessions, as well as the Keynote address from Dr. Kevin Yee. 

Late Fee - A $15 late fee will be applied to all registrations submitted beginning Monday, January 29, 2024.

Keynote Address: Re-Thinking the Assessment Cycle in the Era of Generative AI

Since the late 2022, articles and blogs have been chronicling the meteoric rise of GenAI's capabilities and speculating that such advanced technologies may replace jobs. Change is certainly coming to Higher Education as well! In this talk, we'll explore how GenAI could provide disruptions to the assessment cycle, some of them in positive ways and others that are more challenging. The ways we measure student outcomes might well need to shift, but these tools also offer exciting new directions for the rest of the assessment cycle, too, including evaluation, analysis, reflection, and ways to make changes and close the loop. 

Kevin Yee is the director of the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning at the University of Central Florida. After earning his Ph.D. in German literature, he worked as a 9-month faculty member in various colleges until switching to educational development in 2004. In the classroom, Kevin believes the science of learning provides a crucial foundation for instructors, influencing everything from course design and assessment structure, to classroom management and lesson planning. He is an avid believer in interactive teaching, and has curated a popular list of interactive techniques since 1992. More recently, he’s been developing resources for faculty related to AI Fluency and how to use generative AI (such as ChatGPT) in the college classroom. His research interests within pedagogy are wide, and have included student motivation, study skills, and various emerging technologies for teaching. He is currently co-editing a book of case studies on the intersection of VR and ethics in the college classroom.

Post-Conference Workshops

All pre-conference workshops will take place on March 1 from 1:00pm – 2:30pm. (Prices range from $25 - $45). 

Late fee - A $10 late fee will be added to all registrations that include a pre and/or post conference workshop for registrations submitted beginning Monday, January 29, 2024.


Facilitated by John A. Bollweg (UNM-Valencia) and the NMAIRP President

The New Mexico Association for Institutional Research and Planning (NMAIRP) will hold its annual meeting. One to two presenters will speak on current issues related to institutional research and planning. All conference attendees are welcome to attend.

The HLC Accreditation Roundtable post-conference workshop has been canceled for the 2024 NMHEAR conference. If you registered for the post-conference workshop prior to January 9, 2024, a member of the NMHEAR planning committee will be in contact to adjust payment or issue a refund. If you have any questions, please email accreditation@nmsu.edu


Facilitated by Alicia Armijo, NC-SARA Coordinator for NMHED. 

This workshop is the sixth annual meeting of the New Mexico State Authorization Network (NM-SAN). The New Mexico Higher Education Department NC SARA Coordinator will attend and provide important information regarding changes to SARA. There will be updates regarding NMHED processes and best practices for ensuring distance education compliance. Attendees will discuss needs and concerns relating to state authorization and provide feedback about NM-SAN Services. 


Facilitated by Kelsey Mead and Annie Willmon  

This workshop is the 1st state-wide meeting of the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP) New Mexico affiliate chapter. 

Late Fees

A late fee as outlined below will be applied to all registrations submitted beginning Monday, January 29, 2024.

  • $15 late fee will be applied to conference registrations (Regular Registration: $125; Late Registration: $140)
  • $10 late fee will be applied to registrations that include a pre and/or post-conference registration