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Welcome to the 2023 NMHEAR Conference! 

Fortifying a campus culture for student success - and the assessments that drive it

The 2023 conference will be held February 16-17, 2023 at the Marriott Albuquerque at Uptown.

You may reserve your hotel here. 

Our keynote and pre-conference and post-conference information is available. 


Registration for the 2023 NMHEAR Conference is now open! Click on the button below to learn more about the conference and how to register. 

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Call for Proposals 

NMHEAR invites higher education faculty, staff, and administrators to share best practices and institutional challenges in assessment, retention, and student success.

The Call for Proposals is now closed. Thank you for your submissions! A draft program will be available the week of Dec. 5th.

NMHEAR Presenter Confirmation

Congratulations on having your proposal selected to be presented at the 2023 NMHEAR Conference!

Please review the DRAFT program below and complete the form to identify if your presentation information is correct or if edits are needed. 

The Presenter Confirmation form needs to be completed by December 23, 2022. 

Keynote Speaker
Dann Brown, Ph.D. 


Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Lamar University 

With over 17 years of progressive senior leadership experience, Dr. Dann Brown is invested in developing student-focused campus cultures. Dr. Brown believes that universities must position themselves academically to meet the demands of today’s rapidly changing workforce, which takes a holistic commitment of faculty, staff, students, and community members.

As an administrator, he researched the effects of high-impact practices on student success in college and has published extensively to identify best practices for other institutions to implement. Brown has authored and served as principal investigator for seven Developing Hispanic Serving Institutions grants through the U.S. Department of Education for a total of more than $23 million. Brown began his career in higher education at Eastern New Mexico University and subsequently served as dean of University College at Texas A&M University-Kingsville (2005-2011), dean of University College and director of the Personalized Academic and Career Exploration Center at Texas State University (2011-2020), and associate provost at Lamar University from 2020 – 2021. Additionally, Brown served as president of the Association of Deans and Directors of University Colleges and Undergraduate Studies and was recognized as the 2014 Leader of Change by the Network for Change and Continuous Innovation.

Planning for Success through Successful Planning

Before Smartphone apps provided us with tools delivering us to desired destinations, travel was facilitated through the use of carefully folded, sometimes laminated, and often out-of-date tools called maps. Hours were often spent reviewing itineraries, considering options, and looking for interesting stops along the way for meals or entertainment. 

Today's higher education ecosystem includes a variety of technologies that support strategic planning. Online surveys, third-party consultants, technological tools, higher-order verbs, and high impact web pages cannot replace the discussion, iteration, and sometimes disagreement that occurs as faculty, staff, students, and alumni collaborate on goals, objectives, outcomes, and measure. They also struggle to describe the sophistication and nuance that exists on a college campus. Using the Land of Enchantment as an example, could a third-party or planning technology describe the rich smell of roasting chile in the fall? The aroma of piñon on a dusty summer afternoon? Or the sense of moisture in the wind as monsoon rains approach the mountains? 

In these remarks, examples of successful and challenged strategic planning processes will be described with an emphasis on aligning planning with measures (and subsequently assessments) that are of strategic importance on campus and to state and federal agencies and discipline-specific/regional accreditors. 

Pre-Conference Workshops

All pre-conference workshops will take place on February 16 from 8:30am - 11:00am. (Prices range from $45-$70). 


Facilitated by Dr. Soledad Garcia-King (UNM Valencia), Dr. Amir Hedayati (UNM), Dr. Julia Wai-Yin So (UNM-Valencia), and Heather Sweetser (UNM). 

Students tend to disengage from their learning or classroom activities when they do not feel included or do not see the relevance of the curriculum to their lives. Thus establishing an inclusive learning environment is critical to students' course success. This pr-conference workshop covers six steps to an inclusive face-to-face classroom, the elements to craft an inclusive syllabus, the application of ethics of care to teaching,a nd four ways to reduce barriers to learning in an online classroom. The workshop concludes with several alternative ways to assess student learning. Throughout the workshop, participants will engage in individual reflective writing and small group discussion.

Learn More about the Facilitators


Facilitated by Erica Surova, Director of the Center for community Analysis at NMSU

Understanding data from an equity perspective improves our ability to recruit and retain a diverse student population that reflects our community. In this interactive workshop, participants will explore data related to our student population in New Mexico before and as they enter higher education. We will also examine data underlying community conditions that elevate and necessitate thinking differently about strategies to enhance student success. Through a series of activities, participants will answer (1) what the potential needs of our students are, (2) what defines student success, and (3) what strategies and solutions might help students enroll and succeed in college and consequently lead to retention and degree completion.


Facilitated by Samantha Redford

Attendees will have the opportunity to communicate with both NMPED and NMHED representatives regarding the future direction of dual credit in the state of New Mexico. This is an opportunity for secondary, post-secondary, counselors, administrators, academic advisors, program coordinators, faculty and all other constituents working with the dual credit population to meet and discuss best practices for dual credit programs.

Post-Conference Workshops

All pre-conference workshops will take place on February 17 from 12:00pm (noon) - 1:00pm. (Prices range from $25 - $45). 


Facilitated by Jacob Puckett (ENMU-Roswell) and the NMAIRP President. 

The New Mexico Association for Institutional Research and Planning (NMAIRP) will hold its annual meeting. One to two presenters will speak on current issues related to institutional research and planning. All conference attendees are welcome to attend.


Shelly Stovall, Associate Provost for Institutional Effectiveness 

The Accreditation Roundtable is an opportunity for New Mexico higher education institutions to discuss and share experiences and insights about the Higher Learning Commission’s (HLC) accreditation processes. It is in the state’s best interest for all higher education institutions in New Mexico to navigate the HLC Pathways successfully; NM institutions can, and should, work collaboratively to support each other in this process. This roundtable will focus on developing clarity about HLC accreditation best practices and lessons learned through our collective institutional experiences.


Facilitated by Alicia Armijo, NC-SARA Coordinator for NMHED. 

This workshop is the fifth annual meeting of the New Mexico State Authorization Network (NM-SAN). The New Mexico Higher Education Department NC SARA Coordinator will attend and provide important information regarding changes to SARA. There will be updates regarding NMHED processes and best practices for ensuring distance education compliance. Attendees will discuss needs and concerns relating to state authorization and provide feedback about NM-SAN Services. 

NMHEAA Summer Retreat

June 11-14, 2023
Ruidoso, NM

The 2023 NMHEAA Summer Retreat will be held Sunday, June 11, 2023 through Wednesday, June 14, 2023, in beautiful Ruidoso, New Mexico. Institutional teams or individuals will spend focused time working on defined and assessable projects and can expect to return to campus with clear approaches and preliminary action plans. Registration for the retreat will open in March of 2023. 

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