Pre and Post Conference Workshops

Pre-Conference Workshops
Thursday, February 22, 8:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

Workshop 1  ($60) Building Sustainable Assessment Processes: Mapping Student Learning – Natasha Jankowski, Director of the National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment (NILOA)

This pre-conference workshop will provide a deep dive into engagement with meaningful curriculum mapping across a variety of places in which learning occurs. Using a framework, institutional examples, and exploring layers of mapping, this workshop provides a space to apply meaningful mapping within your unique, institutional context. This workshop will also provide resources and tools on the connection between curriculum mapping and assignment design.

Workshop 2 ($40) Assigning, Assessing, and Documenting: Writing-Across-the-Curriculum for Faculty at Two-Year Institutions and Professional Development Providers  – Chris Burnham, Regents Professor—Emeritus, NMSU English Department, New Mexico State University-Las Cruces
Susan Wood, Associate Vice President, Doña Ana Community College

Do you want to learn how to:

  • Communicate to students (and colleagues) why writing is important in your class and discipline?
  • Write assignments that foster student learning and are manageable to grade
  • Document student growth in writing and content-learning in your class, program, and institution?

Participants in this workshop will leave with three tangibles:

  • a discipline-specific writing assignment clearly linked to course learning outcomes
  • a research question and assessment plan investigating growth in student learning through writing in your classroom
  • a strategy for documenting your project in your promotion and tenure portfolio

Come prepared to explore why you use writing in your classes. Bring an assignment you currently use and would like to improve – if you have one. If not, no problem: you will have the opportunity to create one during the workshop. Bring a laptop or tablet to record and share your work.

This is a hands-on, write-to-learn workshop. No PowerPoint bamboozle! We promise.

Workshop 3 ($20) NM State Dual Credit Meeting – Devonna James, Dual Credit Coordinator/Advisor, ENMU-Ruidoso

Attendees will hear from both PED and HED regarding major rule revisions to dual credit that may be proposed by the time of the pre-conference. Secondary, post-secondary, and early college high schools will have the opportunity to talk about dual credit in New Mexico.  Main objectives of the workshop include:

  • Discussions with PED and HED about revisions to dual credit rules
  • Discussing best practices for dual credit advisement and planning
  • Breakout roundtable discussions on dual credit topics
  • Networking opportunities for statewide collaborations with dual credit professionals

Post Conference Workshops
Friday, February 23, 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Workshop 1  ($40) Evidence for Successful Accreditation – How Much is Enough? – Bobbie Derlin, Associate Provost, Emeritus, NMSU System-wide Accreditation, Academic Planning And Program Review & Outcomes Assessment, New Mexico State University – Las Cruces

Accreditation, student learning assessment and accountability activities at universities and colleges that were historically separate and often unrelated are now becoming more intertwined. Rather than accepting institutional assertions about processes implemented in self-study and other accreditation documents, accreditors are increasingly requiring “evidence” of effective implementation. How do you decide what is “evidence” and how do you decide how much evidence is enough? This workshop will help you answer these questions from varied perspectives of regional, specialized and programmatic accreditors. Small group and whole group conversations will provide opportunities for participants to share experiences and strategies – the good, the bad and the ugly!

Workshop 2 ($20)  Annual Meeting of the New Mexico Association for Institutional Research and Planning

The New Mexico Association for Institutional Research and Planning (NMAIRP) will hold its annual meeting. One to two presenters will speak on current issues related to institutional research and planning. All conference attendees are welcome to attend.

Workshop 3 ($20) Preparing for Certification of General Education Courses following Statewide GE Reform

David Smith, Director of Assessment, New Mexico State University-Las Cruces
+ Others to be identified from statewide steering committee

This workshop, facilitated by members of New Mexico’s Statewide General Education (GE) Steering Committee, will involve discussion and hands-on exploration of a proposed course certification process developed as part of statewide GE reform efforts. Participants will first be walked through the steps in preparing a sample course certification form including documenting how essential skills will be taught and assessed in the course. This will illustrate how essential skills rubrics might be used in adapting existing GE courses to the new skills-based GE framework. Participants will then be invited to work on preparation of a course certification form for a course of their choosing.

Workshop 4 ($20) NM – State Authorization Network (SAN) Summit

Ken Dvorak (NNMC) & Debby Knotts (UNM)

This workshop is the organizational meeting for the New Mexico State Authorization Network (NM-SAN), and hopefully, the first NM-SAN Annual Summit. Featured speakers include Dr. John Lopez, Director WICHE SARA and NM HED representative(s). The attendees will discuss needs & concerns then determine the NM-SAN’s purpose, structure, and function. This meeting is open to conference attendees.

New Mexico Higher Education Assessment and Retention Conference