Poster Session Information

Please consider submitting a proposal to present a poster at the 2018 NMHEAR conference.

Large-format posters are intended to communicate your research, study, or ideas, as well as planned or implemented assessment efforts to conference attendees. A typical conference poster should be readable from approximately six feet away, and readers should be able to read the entire text in approximately five minutes.

Posters should be rectangular and are limited to 36″ by 48″, and should be printed on paper — presenters will be provided with a surface on which to mount their poster at the conference; mounting supplies will also be provided. The title of the poster should be at the top of the poster, in letters approximately one inch high, along with the author’s names and author affiliations. Microsoft Publisher is an easy program to use for producing large-format posters and many of the built-in poster templates in Publisher are 34″ by 44″. Publisher files can be easily converted to (saved as) portable document format (pdf) files for printing.

The title of your poster should be relatively short, but descriptive, and the remainder of the poster should be devoted to communicating your assessment-related efforts. The typical format of posters includes an abstract, introduction, methods, results and discussion. However, you may choose to present your information in a different way, but the general intent of these areas should be followed. This means that posters should generally serve to introduce a problem or question, cover how this problem or question was addressed, and include information on results or consequences of this work. Posters may also include a short literature cited section as well as an area for acknowledgements if the work was funded by an outside source.

Remember that large-format posters should readily communicate information, so including photographs, diagrams, figures or charts that summarize your data or represent an assessment effort is highly recommended. Do your best to limit text and be as descriptive as possible. Posters will be displayed in a public area during the conference, and the formal poster session will take place from 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, February 23 in the East Atrium. During this time poster presenters are expected to be at their poster and ready to discuss their work with conference attendees. This informal give and take often proves to be tremendously valuable for presenters and attendees alike.

If you have any questions about this poster session, please direct them to Quentin R. Hays, Chair, Mathematics & Sciences, Assistant Professor, Science & Natural Resources.

New Mexico Higher Education Assessment and Retention Conference